Yippee! A 5-star editorial review from the UK!

“I must say, this is not only a very original story, it ́s also very enjoyable too. The central premise – the story of a disabled orphan with hidden powers – is well-thought out and the characters are interesting and well-defined. There is plenty of pace too, particularly towards the end, and the author has littered his story with an array of twists and turns.

Hardbound (First Edition) and paperback editions available through most bookstores and online booksellers. Ebook available through major online booksellers.
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Written, I suspect, with teenagers in mind, this is a book that will keep on surprising you from beginning to end. Like Harry Potter – although this book is not at all like Harry Potter – the magical world is rooted to the ́real ́ world; as such, I think many children will understand the thoughts and feelings of the protagonist, and his need to belong; to be part of a family. There is also a little humour sprinkled in amongst the text, a lot of it from Pappy, a character I grew to love!

All in all, this is an enchanting story, and I ́m delighted to recommend it to 13 – 16 year olds looking for a book that ́s a little different, often thought- provoking, and always compelling. The author is a talented writer, and I ́m very much looking forward to seeing other books from her in the future.”–The Wishing Shelf (www.thewsa.co.uk)

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One thought on “Yippee! A 5-star editorial review from the UK!

  1. This is so fantastic, Birdie! Although, I think adults would enjoy your book, too. I sure did…. and I’m almost an adult. So happy to see you get the reviews that you deserve! xox


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