Fabulous new 5-star review from Goodreads.

“A lovely book that fills a much needed genre — inspiring, cultivating the imagination, and providing gifts of wisdom with a bit of humor for audiences of any age. Most books that an adult would pick up are full of stories of human dysfunction and offer little for the imagination to create anything better for this world. The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman takes a very different approach — recognize human weakness but show us that so much more is possible. With nuggets of advice that can help anyone with practical challenges in their own life. The book is a lovely story that will leave you laughing, tearing at the corners of your eyes, and turning the pages. Robin Gregory exhibits a unique craft as a writer, selecting out impressionable details to paint a colorful picture of context and space. She cultivates a fun way of expressing words of frustration without swearing, and a thoughtful way of conveying wise messages that a Buddhist monk would appreciate. Suitable for young and old. I would love to read more books like this.”–Joanna Malaczynski

One thought on “Fabulous new 5-star review from Goodreads.

  1. Wow, Birdie! This is absolutely fantastic and so deserved!! What an eloquent acknowledgement of your beautiful work. Congratulations! xox


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