“Your basic goodness is visible in every sentence you write. This helps a great writer to see into the life of things. The world is not too much with you, as Wordsworth would have said. What you write points to the basics, the plain truth, to what cannot be wrong because it is so elemental. I admire this simple yet profound way of looking at the world.”—Prof. Lakshmi Sharma, University of Allahabad

ROBIN GREGORY is a devoted wife and mother, and student of mystical teachings. Born in Pensacola, Florida, she grew up in California, accompanied by seven siblings, and surrounded by horses, real cowboys, and the occasional rattlesnake. She has always been drawn to helping others, a trait that began, to her mother’s horror, with bringing home swallow chicks stricken from their nests. She has worked as a journalist, lay minister, and infant massage instructor for mothers and babies at risk. Her studies include Literature and Creative Writing at University of California, Santa Cruz and Stanford University’s Writer’s Workshop. She lives with her husband and son in a Carmel cottage old enough to make you sneeze. “The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman” is her first published novel. It is Book 1 of an upcoming trilogy.

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Tony Kay and Robin Gregory chat about healing, writing, miracles, mysticism and more ….