“The book’s mysticism is lucidly presented, and its magical realism is effective, moving, and heartening. A lively, original take on a story of a boy with more limits—and more magic—than most.”—Kirkus Reviews, starred review, Best Books of the Year 2016

“Visionary, magical, and rich with optimism, THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN defies labelling of genre and form, and shows us a way beyond the limitations of story as well as life.”—Walter Ryce, Monterey County Weekly

“The prose is as clear as stream water, the pacing perfectly tuned to the narrative’s rises and falls, the atmospheric textures tapestry-like … It warms the heart.”
—Sherod Santos, author of The City of Women, The Perishing, The Intricated Soul

“The lyrical prose and unique ‘Voice’ of this tale do not obscure the strong character and story lines that are sure to inspire generations of YA and adult readers alike.”—Rea Nolan Martin, author of Mystic Tea, The Anesthesia Game, Walking on Water

“The layers of this book are delicious.”—Franny B., NetGalley

“The characters and imagery come to life on the page. And I felt like I was there besides Moojie with all his problems. I would recommend this book to everyone.”—Library Thing

“This is a beautifully written, highly literate, intelligent, entertaining, open-minded, heart-warming book. I recommend it without reservation and would like to see it taught in schools.”—Robin Chambers, author of Myrddin’s Heir Series

“The prose is quite splendid. There are many moments of beautiful imagery …”—Online Book Club

“Woohoo and mazel tov and handsprings!”—Lynne MacMahon, author of The House of Entertaining Science, Devolution of the Nude, Sentimental Standards

“A fantastic book that conveys the true depth and breadth of the human awakening process. A masterful piece of visionary fiction.”—Tom Hoffman, author of The Thirteenth Monk, Orville Mouse

“The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman is an extremely unique story delving into the mystery and intrigue of Moojie’s supernatural life. [The] writing has a lyrical quality that is both playful and exciting, and we would be truly honored to represent [the] book in our catalog of award winning titles this coming year.”—Nicholas Beatty, Executive Director, Gelett Burgess Center, Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award

“The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman is one of the best texts for students of magic realism.”—Lakshmi Raj Sharma, author of The Tailor’s Needle, Intriguing Women

“Gregory imbues her story with a power and unity that make it a genuine page turner  … it simply makes a superb read.”—Book Viral

“Wow! Wonderful lyricism and magical reality. Captivating.”
—Lisa Rojany, author of award-winning Surviving the Angel of Death

“Engaging, weird, enchanting book!”—Matt W., NetGalley

“… this was a book which I will hold close to my heart always for its sheer beauty and power.”—Deepak Menon, author of Skysplitter, Spacevasion

“Gregory’s storytelling skills are inspired and make this mythologically-based, historical novel a delight to read. Some passages are so lovely that I found myself rereading them to more fully appreciate the masterful blending of sound, sense and meaning.”—Jack Magnus, Reader’s Favorite

“Enchanting and wholly entertaining.”—Book Viral