ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition 2023 – Moojie gets kudos!

Yippee! Thank you #ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition 2023 for the fabulous feedback on my novel, THE IMPROBABLE WONDERS OF MOOJIE LITTLEMAN. What a joy to receive positive pro feedback while working on Book 2 and the TV series adaptation.

“Moojie himself is a one-of-a-kind hero. While his being a fish-out-of-water facing larger than life adventures builds on classic fantasy structure, Moojie’s original view of the world and his ability to see what others cannot do well to build the uniqueness of both his character and the way he interacts with the world of his story. In this way, the writing (that is, the language and word choice) used to establish Moojie’s background and personality and how these either fit or do not fit into the world around him help tell well-loved fantasy tropes through fresh and imaginative characters and action.

Indeed, Moojie’s abilities, the celestial/ paranormal things he causes and witnesses, and the crazy (in a good way!) mess that he gets himself into because of them allow the story to lend itself well to the medium of television or film. The story’s use of metaphors as visual cues to underline emotions, foreshadow conflict (like the comparison between San Miguel de las Gaviotas and Atlantis to note San Miguel’s impending doom), and even highlight comedic moments (like Phineas [the cat] throwing himself against the window screen looking “like an obese housefly”) are incredibly entertaining to read and help to establish a visual tone that the story can take if adapted to a show.”

Bird by bird.

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