My Screenplay Adaptation “Halfkin” is out for Pre-Production Review


Yippee! My screen adaptation of The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman has gone out for review. I couldn’t believe my ears when, after two years of working on it, my producer, John Crye, finally said the words, “It’s ready!”

Film description of Halfkin: A physically-disabled orphan discovers he has miraculous  abilities similar to the Light-Eaters, a primordial race that warns intolerant locals in early-1900s America of an upcoming natural disaster.

In order to make the 294-page story fit into less than 2 hours on screen, we had to cut a few characters and scenes. Pappy and Auntie Tilda are now the central the focus of Moojie’s domestic squabbles. Light-Eaters, Ninti, Babylonia, Sarru’kan, and others remain true to the novel. Dear Moojie is exactly the same character. Early on, he struggles with disabilities and unrecognized healing powers, while searching for a sense of belonging.

More news: Book 2 of The Moojie Littleman Trilogy is nearly done. The Boy Who Killed Time picks up four years later, when 18 year-old Moojie, now hailed in his hometown as a healer, escapes family and worshipful throngs to find the inter-dimensional realm where his true love awaits. What he finds when he gets there is completely unexpected.

I’ll keep you posted on any news!




2 thoughts on “My Screenplay Adaptation “Halfkin” is out for Pre-Production Review

  1. Oh Robin, Congratulations!!! This is huge!!! I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your success. It is wonderful!!!!!

    Hugs to you,

    Soaring from Big Sur

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