Healing: A Half-Step into Self-Forgetting


Sometimes healing is like baseball.

The other day, I started feeling symptoms of a cold.

I prayed to the angels to heal me.
I prayed to Jesus to help me.
I prayed for the Great Spirit to protect me.

The symptoms got worse.
I thought my prayers weren’t being answered.

Put down your aloneness and ease into the conversation, says poet David Whyte.

I persisted in praying for help.

Soon, an idea came to me: Baseball.

When you step up to bat, your mind is fully focused on putting the ball where you want it. Now, focus your consciousness on what you want! Realize peace and health are already yours. The Spirit in the midst of you is infinite. What does that mean? There is nothing else. So-called physical symptoms don’t mean a thing unless you give them meaning. Spirit is infinite, and It is Love, therefore there are no good/evil germs, there is only the embodiment of Spirit. Sickness is a belief/effect of other powers, causes, conditions. Focus your vision! Heaven on Earth is right here, right now, dear heart. Let it flood the sphere of your experience.

I gave thanks and the symptoms soon abated.

This is how prayers are often answered. The angels, Jesus, and Spirit did not heal my body. They guided me to step up to the plate, to forget about my human self, and all that I’d been told about the body, germs, physical laws. To be fully focused on Spirit. That was the healing.

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